“But, Did you die?”

Up until a few years ago I was an extremely active member in the Crossfit community. I ended up with a back injury that forced me to walk away from the sport, but I still admire the mentality of the athletes that show up to challenge themselves physically and mentally. A popular saying in the […]

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Birthday Giveaway!

Chief’s 2nd Birthday Giveaway, featuring a new, unreleased Canis Mountain Outfitters rope! Chief turns 2 on July 1st! To celebrate, we collaborated with Canis Mountain Outfitters to bring you a brand new rope called “America”. This rope is dropping June 21st for everyone, OR you can enter our giveaway and have it in time to

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Chickie comes home

Since the day Chief came home, I started training immediately. I was so anxious to do “all the things”. Every month he aged I felt excited to be closer to working towards our goals. The puppy days flew by and suddenly we were competing in sports, hiking big trails, and running miles together. I am

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