Photo by Ella Everett | Sport Dog Photography

We are Chief and Michelle, and we are so happy you found us! Chief came home to a small town in New Hampshire with me in August of 2022 and we have been inseparable ever since. Chief is a purebred Australian Cattle Dog from A-Line Australian Cattle Dogs in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He is a “uni”, meaning he is deaf in one ear. Chief is the first dog I have ever raised from 8 weeks old, and he has made the experience enjoyable and unforgettable. We are learning the world of dog sports together, our main focus being dock diving. Fun fact- Chief was the #1 ranked dog nationwide in the senior division of Dock Dogs for the 2022 season! Chief has sparked my passion for dog training, sports, tricks, and canine health and wellness. I am excited to share more about what I have learned  and our future experiences together to help other new dog handlers gain the confidence to try something new.

The name of this blog is very symbolic of all that is Chief. Although I know dogs do not actually smile, he is often described as being extremely happy looking and is constantly complimented on his gigantic smile! Furthermore, his litter was named the “Snow White” litter… and he was named “Happy” before we brought him home. “The Happy Heeler” is the best way to explain this special dog to you if you have not had the pleasure of meeting him in person yet.